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Here are your results!
The reason why you went through all three sections of the test was so that you could find the group that you fit in without anyone imposing anything on you.Group A are the entertainment or "feeling good" drinkers.Group B are the addictive or emotinal drinkers and group C are the psychological drinkers.If you answered yes to one or more questions in group A,well done because you do not have a drinking problem.What you have developed is a habit of drinking over the years.You drink because of the sensation that you get from drinking or you drink to maintain your circle of friends or entertainment spaces and places.In group A it is very easy to stop drinking.Do not understimate the power of the mind or the power of decision.Just tell yourself."I have stopped drinking as of right now!" You must mean what you say and you will stop.Some of you will drink again here and there just to tickle their fancies but ultimately you will stop.The success rate in this group is up to 80% Group B are the addictive or emotional drinkers.The problem here is that you are feeding an "addiction".The answer is in finding a "new addiction" to feed which is not beer.The more you feed the booze addiction the more that addiction gets stronger and won't go away.Try feeding your quest for knowledge with an encyclopedia or a discovery cahannel.People are different,maybe the Word of God will feed your soul.Maybe you can even replace heavy drink with a new soft lemon drink that you have just come across.The switch from feeding the addiction to booze to feeding something else might be quick or eventual.You might go back to booze again.That will be the sign that yiu should keep on pushing and trying to find something productive that you can feed in the place of booze addiction.For the emotional people,deal with issues as they are do not hide behind booze.The Last Group.the psychological drinkers.Poverty will not cahnge because you drink.A tip,bake cakes in your kitchen and sell them door to door or at a busy place until your business grows.There are so many things to do in life.Just open up your mind.If you are abused by a parent talk to a pastor or a social worker,booze will only make things worse.If you seriously answered yes in all three groups then you have a deep problem.The good news is that these are the answers to your problem.Do not hide behind booze.learn to tackle each day and each problem as it is.You just might be a big problem solver all boxed up in the world of booze.For groups A and B the drinking test has a 40% to 60% success rate.If you drink because there is nothing to live for spend time finding out how "big" people made it in life.The more you read about them the more you will relate to some of them and spend less time drinking and more time doing something about your life.Booze cannot replace a lost loved one.This is hard but time is the healer not drinking.Everyone has a purpose in life.
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